Hi, my name is Dave. I’m a photographer, and I believe we all have gifts.  I believe one of my gifts is storytelling. I find the uniqueness of people amazing. Phenomenal things can happen all of the time and those moments give life to fantastic memories.  Sometimes the further you get away from a moment the harder it is to get back.  My role as your storyteller is to provide a seamless pathway to those cherished memories and chapters in your life and I absolutely love what I do.

When photography came into my world during the early 80s.  I was totally captivated, and have been ever since the first press of the shutter button. I love working with people, problem solving, breaking rules, finding the best stories and daring to be different while respecting, traditions and standards. Photography provides an incredible environment that is always teaching me about myself, relationships, love and family. I’m forever grateful for what this passion has given back to me and I’m always looking forward to the new opportunities that await me.

I am proud to say this is a family business and I absolutely love my partners.  My wife Ann Marie and my children Hannah and Cole.  We all have different roles within our organization but we are all master story tellers.  Our family motto is to approach lifer cheerfully with a  helpful demeanor and positive attitude. Together we form one fantastic creative team.

I treat every person and event as a unique experience. There are no molds or colors by number projects. As your event unfolds, I’m there to document it, not to interfere with it.  If you are being silly, I will capture your laughter. If you are emotional, then I will record your tears. I will tirelessly work to capture your priceless moments, when you see your photos and or videos, you will be transported back to the day you lived it. If you like what you are reading and seeing on the site, then it’s time to contact me about your special chapter.


Thank you

Wm. David Tucker